Tea Green Buffet/Server from Lake Chautauqua

I went to visit my mom for the weekend at her new home in Lake Chautauqua... On my way home I picked up this awesome old server (it came in a set, but I was only interested in this gem!)

Here is the server before... it's been in someone's garage for possibly Centuries!

I decided to get more involved with stain finishes.. there really is a sense of value with a nice dark stained wood...and I went with what I've coined "Tea Green" for the finish..
The drawer knobs were fragile, tarnished and outdated so I switched them out for new knobs from Anthropologie (I LUST ANTHRO.)
Here's my finished product... Pretty as a picture. This piece SOLD to a wonderful woman in Brooklyn Heights. We needed some brut strength to get this beauty to the sixth floor so I had her flag down some of the spanish speaking gentleman on the corner.. maybe not the safest of ideas, but they were nice as can be.

When they found out I drove in from Pittsburgh they all made reference to Wiz Khalifa, a Pittsburgh based rapper most well known for his hit and unofficial Steeler theme song "Black n Yellow." Wiz was there idol.. I told them when I got back I'd tell Wiz Whats uP! From Brooklyn Heights...

Whattup Wiz!

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